I raggi cosmici, dalla scoperta allo stato attuale della ricerca

Il giorno 30 Aprile alle ore 17.00 presso l’Osservatorio di Frasso Sabino, il Prof. Mario De Vincenzi (Dipartimento di Fisica – Università Roma Tre) terrà una conferenza dal titolo “I raggi cosmici, dalla scoperta allo stato attuale della ricerca”.
E’ gradita la prenotazione.

GR 290 (Romano's Star): 2. Light history and evolutionary state

We have built the historical light curve of the luminous variable GR 290 back to 1901, from old observations of the star found in several archival plates of M 33. These old recordings together with published and new data show that for at least half a century the star was in a low luminosity state, with B ~18. After 1960, five large variability cycles of visual luminosity were recorded. The amplitude of the oscillations was seen increasing towards the 1992-1994 maximum, then decreasing during the last maxima. The recent light curve indicates that the photometric variations have been quite…