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The Case of Comet Lowe 1913 I

The unconfirmed Comet Lowe 1913 I has a minimum distance between its
orbit and that of the Earth (MOID) which is smaller than 1.000.000,00 km
for some values of T and e chosen, also using various orbital elements
which are slightly different from those compiled from the literature. A
possible previous passage was uncovered, and we suggest a non-recognized
meteoric shower. The impossibility to write up reliable ephemerids
renders this comet a potentially dangerous object for the possibility of
collision with the Earth with a short period of warning.

L'outburst delle Bootidi di giugno.

The authors present observations of an unexpected outburst, between 27
and 28 June 1998, of the June Bootid, a shower that in the previous
decades had almost no activity. A peak of 109 ZHR was estimated at
27.910 June.