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GR 290 (Romano's Star): 2. Light history and evolutionary state

We have built the historical light curve of the luminous variable GR 290 back to 1901, from old observations of the star found in several archival plates of M 33. These old recordings together with published and new data show that for at least half a century the star was in a low luminosity state, with B ~18. After 1960, five large variability cycles of visual luminosity were recorded. The amplitude of the oscillations was seen increasing towards the 1992-1994 maximum, then decreasing during the last maxima. The recent light curve indicates that the photometric variations have been quite…


Life after eruption - IV. Spectroscopy of 13 old novae

We present data on 13 post-nova systems. This includes the recovery via
UBVR photometry of the five post-novae X Cir, V2104 Oph, V363 Sgr, V928
Sgr and V1274 Sgr and their spectroscopic confirmation. We provide
accurate coordinates and finding charts for those objects. Additional
first-time or improved spectroscopic data are presented for V356 Aql,
V500 Aql, V604 Aql, V1370 Aql, MT Cen, V693 CrA, V697 Sco and MU Ser.
Investigating the behaviour of a few easily accessible parameters yields
(limited) information on the accretion state and the system inclination.
We predict that X Cir and V697…