Life after eruption - IV. Spectroscopy of 13 old novae

We present data on 13 post-nova systems. This includes the recovery via
UBVR photometry of the five post-novae X Cir, V2104 Oph, V363 Sgr, V928
Sgr and V1274 Sgr and their spectroscopic confirmation. We provide
accurate coordinates and finding charts for those objects. Additional
first-time or improved spectroscopic data are presented for V356 Aql,
V500 Aql, V604 Aql, V1370 Aql, MT Cen, V693 CrA, V697 Sco and MU Ser.
Investigating the behaviour of a few easily accessible parameters yields
(limited) information on the accretion state and the system inclination.
We predict that X Cir and V697 Sco are likely to reveal their orbital
period via time series photometry and that long-term photometric
monitoring of V356 Aql, V500 Aql, V1370 Aql and X Cir has a good chance
of discovering outburst-like behaviour in these systems.