The Observatorio Astrofsico de Javalambre: current status and future developments

The Observatorio Astrofísico de Javalambre (OAJ) is a new Spanish
astronomical facility particularly conceived for carrying out large sky
surveys, making use of two unprecedented telescopes of unusually large
fields of view (FoV): the JST/T250, a 2.55 m telescope of 3 deg FoV, and
the JAST/T80, an 83 cm telescope of 2 deg FoV. After two years of
project development, JAST/T80 is already installed at the OAJ undergoing
the first performance tests, and JST/T250 is fully assembled in the
factory awaiting for the completion of the optics. We here provide an
overall description of the project, indicating the current status of the
main work packages and the next future developments.