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J-PAS: The Javalambre-Physics of the Accelerated Universe Astrophysical Survey

The Javalambre-Physics of the Accelerated Universe Astrophysical Survey
(J-PAS) is a narrow band, very wide field Cosmological Survey to be
carried out from the Javalambre Observatory in Spain with a
purpose-built, dedicated 2.5m telescope and a 4.7 sq.deg. camera with
1.2Gpix. Starting in late 2015, J-PAS will observe 8500sq.deg. of
Northern Sky and measure $0.003(1+z)$ photo-z for $9\times10^7$ LRG and
ELG galaxies plus several million QSOs, sampling an effective volume of
$\sim 14$ Gpc$^3$ up to $z=1.3$ and becoming the first radial BAO
experiment to reach Stage IV. J-PAS will detect…


The ultraviolet to far-infrared spectral energy distribution of star-forming galaxies in the redshift desert

We analyse the rest-frame ultraviolet (UV) to near-infrared (near-IR)
spectral energy distribution (SED) of Lyman-break galaxies (LBGs),
star-forming (SF) BzK (sBzK) and UV-selected galaxies at 1.5 ≲ z
≲ 2.5 in the COSMOS, GOODS-N and GOODS-S fields. Additionally, we
complement the multiwavelength coverage of the galaxies located in the
GOODS fields with deep far-infrared (FIR) data taken from the
GOODS-Herschel project. According to their best-fitting SED-derived
properties we find that, because of their selection criterion involving
UV measurements, LBGs tend to be UV-brighter and bluer…


Herschel Far-IR counterparts of SDSS galaxies: Analysis of commonly used Star Formation Rate estimates

We study a hundred of galaxies from the spectroscopic Sloan Digital Sky
Survey with individual detections in the Far-Infrared Herschel PACS
bands (100 or 160 $\mu$m) and in the GALEX Far-UltraViolet band up to
z$\sim$0.4 in the COSMOS and Lockman Hole fields. The galaxies are
divided into 4 spectral and 4 morphological types. For the star forming
and unclassifiable galaxies we calculate dust extinctions from the UV
slope, the H$\alpha$/H$\beta$ ratio and the $L_{\rm IR}/L_{\rm UV}$
ratio. There is a tight correlation between the dust extinction and both
$L_{\rm IR}$ and metallicity. We…


Jpcam: a 1.2 Gpixel Camera for the J-Pas Survey

JPCam is a 14-CCD mosaic camera, using the new e2v 9k-by-9k 10
μm-pixel 16-channel detectors, to be deployed on a dedicated 2.55 m
wide-field telescope at the OAJ (Observatorio Astrofísico de
Javalambre) in Aragon, Spain. The camera is designed to perform a Baryon
Acoustic Oscillations (BAO) survey of the northern sky. The J-PAS survey
strategy will use 54 relatively narrow-band ( 13.8 nm) filters
equi-spaced between 370 and 920 nm plus 3 broad-band filters to achieve
unprecedented photometric red-shift accuracies for faint galaxies over
8000 square degrees of sky. The cryostat, detector…